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Minority voters flexing muscle after Cochran win

06/27/2014 4:51pm
Sen. Thad Cochran's GOP primary victory, thanks in part to black Mississippians who turned out to vote for him, exemplifies a new math that politicians of all persuasions may be forced to learn as this country's voting population slowly changes complexion.

Immigration overhaul death may hurt Colorado GOP

06/27/2014 6:20pm
The 2014 electoral map makes it unlikely Republicans will pay an immediate political price for the recent death of an immigration overhaul bill, except in one key, perennial swing state: Colorado.

Sharpton cancels rally with Rep. Rangel, runner up

06/27/2014 7:51pm
Rev. Al Sharpton abruptly canceled a Saturday rally where Rep. Charles Rangel and his chief rival were to pledge unity after a bitter primary campaign.