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Budget realities confront McDaniel's rhetoric

06/21/2014 2:20am
Republican primary challenger Chris McDaniel puts the nation's $17 trillion debt at the center of his bid to represent Mississippi in the Senate, bashing six-term Sen. Thad Cochran as a profligate spender who has contributed to a problem that McDaniel considers "immoral."

Major parties already getting $625M in donations

06/21/2014 3:00am
Donors to the campaign committees of the two major parties have forked over at least $625 million so far this election cycle and show no signs of slowing down. That heavy giving will allow the campaign committees to flood voters' televisions with ads, mailboxes with fliers, and phones with calls promoting candidates for House and Senate races.

Openly gay governor candidate leads pride parade

06/21/2014 3:41pm
A Democratic candidate who reluctantly made public his homosexuality last year found himself serving as the grand marshal of Maine's biggest gay pride parade and festival Saturday and urged activists to continue fighting to eliminate discrimination and promote equality.

GOP establishment choice wins Iowa's House contest

06/21/2014 4:51pm
In a setback for the tea party and libertarian forces in Iowa, establishment Republicans on Saturday nominated their candidate for a House seat in one of the nation's most competitive congressional districts.

Group challenges Ohio ban on campaign lies

06/21/2014 5:50pm
A national anti-abortion group wants a federal court to block an Ohio law barring people from knowingly or recklessly making false statements about candidates seeking elective office.