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House Democrats' campaign arm outraises GOP in May

06/20/2014 2:31pm
House Democrats' campaign arm last month again outraised Republican rivals despite long odds of ousting the GOP from the majority, according to finance reports filed Friday.

Documents were just latest setback for Gov. Walker

06/20/2014 2:31pm
It's been a rough four weeks for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Gov't moves to ban drones in 400 national parks

06/20/2014 2:51pm
The National Park Service is taking steps to ban drones from 84 million acres of public lands and waterways, saying the unmanned aircraft annoy visitors, harass wildlife and threaten safety.

DNC chair expects Clinton's help in '14

06/20/2014 3:21pm
Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Friday she expects Hillary Rodham Clinton to help Democrats heading into the midterm elections and raise money for the national party.

Q&A about the probe involving Gov. Scott Walker

06/20/2014 3:21pm
A federal appeals court unsealed documents this week showing that prosecutors believe Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker illegally coordinated campaign fundraising activities between conservative groups in 2011 and 2012.

Senate Democrats again outraise Senate Republicans

06/20/2014 3:32pm
Senate Democrats' campaign arm again outraised its Republican rival last month and borrowed $5.2 million to buy a Capitol Hill home next to its headquarters, according to campaign finance reports filed Friday.

Mississippi congressman rehabs after brain surgery

06/20/2014 4:21pm
Mississippi Congressman Alan Nunnelee's staff says the lawmaker's speech is improving but he continues to have difficulty with mobility on the left side of his body nearly two weeks after brain surgery.

Probes at home trip up potential 2016 candidates

06/20/2014 5:11pm
First it was Chris Christie, humbled by members of his staff who impeded access to a bridge from New Jersey into Manhattan in an apparent act of political retribution.

DNC outraises RNC, whittles down its debt

06/20/2014 5:50pm
Making progress at whittling down a once-enormous debt, the Democratic National Committee on Friday reported it had raised more than its GOP rival in May and cut its red ink to less than $5 million for the first time since July 2012.

McDaniel evolves answer about education funding

06/20/2014 5:50pm
U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel has changed his statements about federal school funding in the past two weeks, after coming under sharp criticism from former Gov. Haley Barbour and state education leaders.

Donors to major parties hand over $625M so far

06/20/2014 8:41pm
Donors to the campaign committees of the two major parties have forked over at least $625 million so far this election cycle and show no signs of slowing down. That heavy giving will allow the campaign committees to flood voters' televisions with ads, mailboxes with fliers, and phones with calls promoting candidates for House and Senate races.