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Students can volunteer for Neb. primary election

04/19/2014 3:10am
Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale is encouraging students too young to vote to show up at the polls for the state's May 13 primary.

Reid calls rancher's backers 'domestic terrorists'

04/19/2014 10:35am
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is calling armed backers of a Nevada rancher "domestic terrorists" for using guns in a grazing rights battle with the federal Bureau of Land Management.

Western states want control of public lands

04/19/2014 1:44pm
A public lands summit at the Utah State Capitol drew top legislative leaders from eight Western states who are trying map out a plan to gain control of certain federal lands within their borders. They say mismanagement is damaging landscapes.

British diplomat touts UK, Utah trade relations

04/19/2014 3:01pm
Speaking before an audience of local business leaders Wednesday at the Salt Lake Chamber, Sir Peter Westmacott, British ambassador to the United States, touted the U.K.'s business relationship with the U.S. and its importance to both countries.