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Oregon County considers volunteer CSIs

04/08/2014 10:51am
The Josephine County Sheriff's Office is understaffed and desperate for help, so they're mulling whether to turn to local volunteers to help process crime scenes.

Many doubt 1964 Civil Rights Act could pass today

04/08/2014 1:32pm
Despite improved climate today, many political players doubt today's Congress and White House could pass the Civil Rights Act. While President Johnson urged the nation to "close the springs of racial poison," present-day American politics often seem to run on poison.

GOP Senate committee raises $6m in March

04/08/2014 2:31pm
The Republican committee tasked with electing senators raised more than $6.3 million in March and is sitting on almost $16 million.

Famous Kennedy name to be on Connecticut ballot

04/08/2014 6:31pm
Ted Kennedy Jr. has long had his famous name bandied about as a potential candidate for high political office while he worked for the disabled, campaigned for others and gave a stirring eulogy for his father.