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Official: Obamacare on track to meet original goal

04/01/2014 11:52am
After a surge of sign-ups on the last day for open enrollment, Obamacare is on track to hit the White House's original target of 7 million people signing up, a senior administration official said Tuesday.

Bill Clinton parodies wife's epic photo

04/01/2014 1:51pm
In a photo posted from Bill Clinton's Twitter account just after midnight on Tuesday, the former President is sitting in a military airplane, reading some kind of device and sporting a pair of sunglasses.

Former Sen. Scott Brown joins GOP lunch in Capitol

04/01/2014 2:11pm
Republican senators greeted their once, and perhaps future, colleague Scott Brown with handshakes and backslaps Tuesday. Democrats met him with a wisecrack.

GOP's small-state edge boosts its Senate hopes

04/01/2014 7:11pm
Republican senators are entrenching themselves in small states that elected Democrats a few years ago, brightening the GOP's future if Americans continue their trend of voting for the same party in Senate and presidential races.

Colorado town votes down drone-hunting licenses

04/01/2014 9:41pm
A small town in Colorado won't be issuing hunting licenses to shoot down drones.