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Governor signs bill to protect child when parent is primary murder suspect

03/21/2014 12:21pm
Pelle Wall and his friends and family were on hand when Gov. Gary Herbert signed SB173 into law Thursday afternoon.

Michigan's Peters plows different Democratic path

03/21/2014 12:32pm
Mark Ammel and a co-worker were cleaning their sandwich shop around closing time when they looked up to see something they had never witnessed in the decade they've been in business.

PAC hits Koch-backed ads against Senate Democrats

03/21/2014 2:41pm
A pro-Democratic group is ramping up criticism of billionaire funders of ads that attack Senate candidates in five competitive states.

More Utah women needed in politics, advocates say

03/21/2014 2:43pm
Utah needs more women in elected office, a group of advocates, legislative candidates and others said.

US Rep. Ryan foe Kaleka used medical marijuana

03/21/2014 4:21pm
After a white supremacist gunned down his father at a Sikh temple in 2012, U.S. congressional candidate Amar Kaleka had trouble coping with his grief. He suffered panic attacks, he lost his appetite, he couldn't sleep and he was nagged by suicidal thoughts.

Herbert visits Heber City, signs teen's bill into law

03/21/2014 7:34pm
Gov. Herbert visited local businesses and signed a bill proposed by a Heber City teen.