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Campaign finance reports hint at parties' goals

03/19/2014 1:11am
Republicans are trying to convert hard-won gains in statehouses to successes in congressional elections and the 2016 presidential race. For Democrats, the next two years are more about protecting political turf and keeping a political machine humming.

FBI looks into dispute between CIA, Senate

03/19/2014 1:47pm
The FBI has begun a preliminary inquiry into allegations by the CIA that Senate staffers obtained unauthorized access to classified documents related to the agency's now-defunct post-9/11 interrogation program, according to people familiar with the matter.

Trial shows Iowa's tough stance on ex-felon voting

03/19/2014 1:51pm
A prosecutor in Iowa says a former drug offender ignored warnings on a voter registration form when she falsely claimed that she was eligible to cast a ballot.

Marion Barry endorses DC mayor amid federal probe

03/19/2014 2:01pm
Former District of Columbia mayor Marion Barry says Mayor Vincent Gray should be re-elected and brushed off concerns about a federal investigation of Gray's 2010 campaign, saying, "I know about how U.S. attorneys work."

Texas GOP candidate opposes easier equal pay suits

03/19/2014 2:11pm
A campaign spokesman says Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott wouldn't sign a measure to make it easier for women to bring pay discrimination lawsuits in state court.

GOP titans clash in Mississippi's Senate race

03/19/2014 5:10pm
Mississippi Republican Thad Cochran is facing his toughest primary challenge in nearly 36 years in the Senate, from a tea party favorite who casts him as an out-of-touch Washington insider. But Cochran is meeting state lawmaker Chris McDaniel's barbs with a potent weapon: the Barbour family's political machine.