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GOP leaders: Skirting abortion issue not an answer

03/13/2014 1:11am
Republican party leaders are telling anti-abortion activists that shying away from social issues is not a winning strategy for Republicans, even though rhetoric on those subjects has at times alienated voters and cost the GOP elections.

Brown seeks staff for NH Senate run

03/13/2014 9:21am
Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown has started looking for campaign staff and courting the political elite in New Hampshire.

Battles brews over transmission line; Prison relocation commission approved

03/13/2014 2:44pm
Here's a look at everything that's happening on the Hill: Lawmakers passed a bill to help create a convention hotel in downtown Salt Lake City and a bill that would require DNA sampling when people are booked with felony charges. Lawmakers also are in the middle of debating about the future of a huge electrical transmission line that's destined to cross Utah

GOP gubernatorial hopefuls split on Obama library

03/13/2014 7:00pm
The Republican gubernatorial candidates are split on whether they'd support using state funds to establish President Barack Obama's presidential library in Illinois.