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Can GOP neutralize immigration as election issue?

03/10/2014 1:50am
If the apparent slow death of immigration legislation has any political repercussions this year, they probably will be felt in the subdivisions, shopping centers and ethnic eateries wrapped around Denver's southern end.

Coakley warns of cuts in mental health programs

03/10/2014 8:50am
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley is calling on the Legislature to reject proposed cuts in community-based mental health cuts.

Senate approves bill that would change details of abortion law

03/10/2014 12:44pm
The Utah Senate has approved a change in the state's abortion laws so that in cases where the woman's life is at risk she could undergo the procedure without first having to watch a state-mandated video on alternatives and read information about adoption.

Partial Medicaid expansion plan passes, other happenings on the hill

03/10/2014 2:02pm
Utah lawmakers passed several bills on Monday, including a bill to create a statewide student safety tip line and a bill to give tax credits to employers who hire homeless people.

Budget deal means no money for Lockhart's education technology initiative

03/10/2014 10:19pm
There is no money for House Speaker Becky Lockhart's education technology initiative in the budget deal worked out over the weekend with Senate leaders that moved forward Monday in the Legislature.