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Protecting Utah's kids: 2 stories of sexual abuse and tips on preventing it

03/01/2014 4:09pm
There are signs of grooming that parents should be aware of to empower their children to detect and report abuse.

Flores enters race for NV lieutenant governor

03/01/2014 5:31pm
Assemblywoman Lucy Flores announced her candidacy Saturday in the high-stakes race for Nevada lieutenant governor and pledged to be a voice for the middle class.

State revenue higher than expected, but what will the money fund?

03/01/2014 7:01pm
Lawmakers learned Friday they have a little more money to spend in the new budget year that begins July 1, but it's nowhere near enough to cover all of the new programs being pitched this session.

Rare disease patients urged to aid research, 'become experts' in own conditions

03/01/2014 9:12pm
Physicians and families shared common experiences and called for continued research at Utah's first Rare Disease Day event at the State Capitol.