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Bill offering financial help for infertility advances

02/25/2014 8:31am
A bill is moving forward on Utah's Capitol Hill that would allow insurance companies to pay for infertility treatments for married couples.

Jackson, Miss., Mayor Chokwe Lumumba dies at 66

02/25/2014 12:21pm
Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba (SHOW-kway Lu-MOOM-bah), a human rights activist and nationally prominent attorney who as city leader persuaded voters into accepting a sales tax to fix crumbling infrastructure in Mississippi's capital, died Tuesday. He was 66.

'Revenge porn' bill clears another hurdle; House committee backs prison move

02/25/2014 1:45pm
Lawmakers are the currently looking at bills to add a fine to state lawmakers who report their campaign contributions late, add more parents to the statewide testing materials review board and a bill to extend the school day for children in poverty. A bill to make 'revenge porn' illegal and the resolution to move the Draper prison also cleared hurdles in committees.

Surgery recovery keeps Dayton from Minn. Capitol

02/25/2014 3:33pm
Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says he'll be working from home for a couple more weeks as he recovers from a recent hip surgery.

Local politics affects senators on minimum wage

02/25/2014 6:21pm
Two Democratic senators named Mark, both seeking re-election this year from Republican-leaning states, illustrate how local politics is complicating the push by President Barack Obama and his party to raise the federal minimum wage.