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Opposition to cockfighting bill raised in Senate committee meeting

02/08/2014 9:21pm
A bill seeking to make cockfighting a felony in Utah was met with opposition Friday.

Bill seeks to open custody questions in domestic homicide investigations

02/08/2014 9:24pm
A Utah Senate committee has advanced proposed legislation to evaluate custody of children when one parent is suspected of killing the other.

Senate committee supports bill to limit use of CO gas at animal shelters

02/08/2014 9:30pm
A Senate committee gave a favorable recommendation Friday to a bill that would limit the use of carbon monoxide gas as a method of euthanasia at animal shelters.

House approves 80 mph speed limit bill

02/08/2014 9:30pm
The House approved a bill Friday that would allow the speed limit to be raised as high as 80 mph on highways and freeways throughout the state.

5 interesting bills discussed by lawmakers this week

02/08/2014 9:32pm
Dozens of bills filter their way through the House and Senate every day during Utah's annual legislative session. Here are five interesting bills from Friday that all Utahns should be aware of.