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Alaska's Palin lukewarm on Christie talk for 2016

11/11/2013 5:34am
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she thinks it's good that Gov. Chris Christie won another term in mostly Democratic New Jersey.

New Colorado? Rural voters approve secession idea

11/11/2013 3:35pm
The nation's newest state, if rural Colorado residents had their way, would be about the size of Vermont but with the population of a small town spread across miles of farmland. There wouldn't be civil unions for gay couples, legal recreational marijuana, new renewable energy standards, or limits on ammunition magazines.

Sarah Palin discusses new book, Obamacare in interview

11/11/2013 6:59pm
Former Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin, has a new book that will be sold in stores Tuesday. The book defends what she calls the assault on Christmas.