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60 witnesses interviewed, 3 subpoenas issued in Swallow probe

10/09/2013 8:56am
The Utah House committee investigating John Swallow closed its doors to the public for the first time Tuesday to talk about legal strategy in the case.

Despite shutdown, Salt Lake Co. jobs safe

10/09/2013 12:44pm
The salaries of some 343 employees of Salt Lake County are paid with partial support of the federal government, but no one's position is at risk in the wake of the government shutdown.

Grand Canyon tourists get glimpse at natural wonder, despite shutdown

10/09/2013 8:06pm
A lot of vacations are being ruined thanks to the nearly two-week-long government shutdown. But the owner of a lodge near the Grand Canyon is doing his best to help people get a glimpse of the natural wonder, no matter what the government says.

AP Sources: GOP weighs short-term debt limit hike

10/09/2013 8:15pm
House Republican leaders are considering a short-term increase in the U.S. debt limit as a possible way to break the gridlock that threatens the nation with an unprecedented default in as little as a week, officials said Wednesday night.

Religious leaders stage 'faithful filibuster' in hopes of ending shutdown

10/09/2013 9:34pm
Religious leaders frustrated by the federal budget deadlock are staging what they call a "faithful filibuster" across the street from the U.S. Capitol, reading the more than 2,000 Bible verses they say express God's concern for the poor.