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Drone strikes on U.S. citizens legal in some cases, attorney general says

03/06/2013 12:41pm
United States Attorney General Eric Holder announced that drone strikes could be carried out on American citizens on U.S. soil in "extraordinary circumstances" Monday.

Matheson looks to ban straight-party voting

03/06/2013 2:27pm
Rep. Jim Matheson has introduced legislation that would do away with straight-party voting in all federal races.

Gun control, prison relocation and cockfighting bills advance

03/06/2013 6:42pm
So far this week in the 2013 Utah Legislative Session, two bills addressing gun control move closer to becoming law, the Senate approves the prison relocation, and cockfighting could become a felony.

Bill limits publication of mug shots

03/06/2013 6:52pm
A new bill on Utah's Capitol Hill would make it illegal to publish mug shots in magazines or on websites that demand money to take them down.