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Opinion: Pres. Obama wants to campaign and not govern

03/05/2013 11:45am
The crisis behind sequester is not just the dramatic growth of federal spending, but the inability of Washington to solve the budget. Worse, President Barack Obama has decided to use the issue to hit Republicans rather solve the problem.

Class size cap discussed in legislature, but not certain

03/05/2013 1:21pm
A bill aimed at cutting down on overcrowded classrooms for kindergarten through third grade is moving forward, but Utahns should not expect a cap on class sizes just yet.

Matheson targeted as 'vulnerable incumbent' in 2014

03/05/2013 2:16pm
Rep. Jim Matheson has been targeted as a "vulnerable incumbent" in 2014. However, Matheson said he's more concerned with his voting record than an upcoming election.

Bill to use taxpayer money to fund convention center hotel

03/05/2013 7:49pm
Taxpayer money could be used to fund a privately-owned convention center hotel in Salt Lake City, something that forecasters say could produce a "significant" payoff.

Budget cuts in Tooele County mean layoffs for 23 more employees

03/05/2013 10:11pm
They call it "restructuring," but what it really means is another round of layoffs in Tooele County. Twenty-three people who work with the county's parks and recreation and maintenance departments were laid off Tuesday.