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Restaurants' 'Zion curtain' to come down if bill passes

02/28/2013 6:09am
A state lawmaker who wants to tear down the so-called "Zion curtain" in Utah restaurants says there's nothing to show that separating the pouring of alcoholic drinks and dining areas curbs underage drinking.

Opinion: 'Responsible cuts' better than Obama's sequester

02/28/2013 1:41pm
On March 1, the across-the-board spending cuts, referred to as President Obama's sequester will officially go into effect. Budgets in every government program from national defense to education will be significantly reduced unless the sequester is replaced with common-sense spending cuts.

UTA spending inspires lobby regulation bill

02/28/2013 9:02pm
Utah legislature is poised to consider a proposal that would limit the lobbyists who work on behalf of government agencies.

Gov. Herbert demands action on sequestration with colorful language

02/28/2013 10:41pm
Gov. Gary Herbert used some colorful language to describe sequestration Thursday, saying "it's butt-biting time" because the federal government has failed to live within its means.