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State fire marshal speaks out against fire code amendment

02/27/2013 7:54am
A bill that would amend the state fire code passed the state House Monday and has put the state fire marshal in a "tough spot."

Medicaid expansion brings mixed feelings from Utahns

02/27/2013 12:08pm
The federal government has a plan to expand health care for low-income Utahns, but the state Senate has yet to commit to agree to the Medicaid expansion.

Opinion: The future of higher ed and the emergence of MOOCs

02/27/2013 3:03pm
Universities are rapidly approaching the tipping point currently redefining journalism: innovate or disintegrate. Indeed, at a time when student debt is skyrocketing, for-profit universities are gaining traction and approximately one third of U.S. students have already taken an online course, a shift in higher education is inevitable.

Utah reps. frustrated at potential $85B federal budget cuts

02/27/2013 9:08pm
Utah's congressional delegation reacted strongly Wednesday to the looming sequester deadline that would trigger $85 billion in automatic cuts to the federal budget.