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Adoption bill aims to maintain 'loving, stable' homes for children

02/06/2013 1:33pm
A Utah lawmaker has re-introduced a bill that would allow Utahns in unmarried relationships the right to adopt a partner's child.

Smoking in a car with a child, protecting Canyonlands and passing cyclists

02/06/2013 2:47pm
One lawmaker is making her fourth attempt at passing a bill about smoking in a car containing a child, the Senate Minority Leader is calling for federal protection of Southern Utah's Canyonlands, and a bill that would allow drivers to more safely pass bicyclists on the road advances.

Utahns rally at Capitol for cleaner air

02/06/2013 8:52pm
Hundreds of Utahns rallied at the Capitol Building Wednesday to demand action to improve the state's poor air quality.

Victims of dating violence applaud committee's approval of HB50

02/06/2013 10:53pm
The House Judiciary Committee Wednesday evening unanimously passed a bill that would better protect people from violence in a dating relationship. Victims of the crime say it's about time.

Lawmaker aims to clarify state fireworks law

02/06/2013 10:56pm
The Utah House voted Wednesday to clarify the state's fireworks law, specifically targeting the inability of counties, cities and towns to ban specific types of fireworks.