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Target shooting regulation, 'In God We Trust' plates and HOV restrictions

01/30/2013 1:32pm
As the first days of the 2013 legislative sessions pass, several bills have moved forward out of committess already, making it possible that HOV lanes will see more restrictions, 'In God We Trust' could appear on some license plates, and target shooting could be more restricted.

Poll says many Utah voters want Swallow to resign

01/30/2013 6:32pm
Nearly half of registered voters who believe that recent accusations against Utah Attorney General John Swallow indicate he did something illegal or unethical say he should resign, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Utah Pride Center pushes for marriage equality in Supreme Court cases

01/30/2013 7:47pm
The Utah Pride Center announced Wednesday that it will voice its support for marriage equality to the U.S. Supreme Court in two pending cases.

Hatch, Lee say feds are overreaching with gun control

01/30/2013 8:31pm
Utah Sens. Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch were swift to react to Wednesday's Senate hearings on gun control, saying the federal government is guilty of overreach and offering the wrong solutions. 

Gov. focuses on education in State of State

01/30/2013 11:19pm
Education and economic development are Gov. Gary Herbert's main priorities for the state this year. Herbert shared his vision for Utah during his annual State of the State address Wednesday evening at the state Capitol.