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Resolution would put a stop to 'boxcar' bills

01/10/2013 7:13am
When legislators open an empty bill file at the beginning of the session and introduce it later -- potentially at the last minute -- the bill is called a boxcar bill. The resolution to end the practice suggests it's not transparent, or in the public interest.

City councilman selected as Taylorsville mayor

01/10/2013 8:47am
The Taylorsville City Council has named three-term Councilman Jerry Rechtenbach as its pick to take over for the city's outgoing mayor.

Likely signature on new US currency more of a squiggle, many say

01/10/2013 1:52pm
White House chief of staff Jack Lew has accepted Pres. Barack Obama's pick for Secretary of the Treasury, but is under fire for his somewhat unorthodox signature. Plus, other political news.