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His 101st birthday present? Another day at work

08/19/2014 5:20am
Herman "Hy" Goldman turned 101 this weekend and won't quit after 73 years working at the same New Jersey job.

Ring, ring: London statues want to talk to you

08/19/2014 7:30am
Calling all London tourists: Peter Pan, Sherlock Holmes and Queen Victoria want to have a word with you.

Man shows up for jail in T-shirt with mug shot

08/19/2014 8:50am
A Maine man who served a 48-hour sentence for drunken driving wore something special for his jail booking photo: a T-shirt featuring his mug shot.

86-year-old Utah woman writes romance novel

08/19/2014 1:00pm
An 86-year-old Utah woman became a first-time novelist by writing a steamy romance novel about a bored housewife.