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Driver blames turtle, cat, squirrel, tree in wreck

07/03/2014 8:41am
Police say a man arrested for drunken driving blamed a turtle, a cat, a squirrel and an overhanging tree in a Central Texas wreck.

Got unwanted oxen? Try bear urine to ward them off

07/03/2014 11:33am
Alaska wildlife officials have turned to an unusual source in efforts to persuade a herd of musk oxen to leave this Bering Sea coastal town for good.

Agave plant to produce 1 and only bloom, then die

07/03/2014 1:31pm
An 80-year-old American agave plant that will flower once then die is about to do the former.

Plane returns to Seattle with chanting passenger

07/03/2014 3:11pm
Officials say a man who was loudly chanting on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Hawaii made the other passengers uncomfortable and prompted the crew to return and drop him off with law enforcement at Sea-Tac Airport.