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Massachusetts college selling campus house for $1

06/26/2014 7:20am
Smith College is selling an on-campus house for $1 — but there is a catch.

2 men throw out $1M ticket, sue New Jersey Lottery

06/26/2014 7:20am
Two New York men are suing the New Jersey Lottery after they threw out a Powerball ticket worth $1 million.

Carjackers fail in the clutch, can't drive stick

06/26/2014 7:30am
An attempted carjacking in Seattle failed when three carjackers found they were in a vehicle with a manual transmission and none of them knew how to drive a stick shift.

Bronx mystery creature is member of weasel family

06/26/2014 7:51am
A mysterious long-haired critter that's been sighted on the streets of a Bronx neighborhood for several months has a name.

Former Chick-fil-A employee accused of robbing KFC

06/26/2014 9:10am
A man who worked at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in northern South Carolina has been accused of robbing a KFC.

Football field accidentally built on man's land

06/26/2014 9:31am
A Maine town will spend $27,500 to correct mistakes it made that led to a youth football field being accidentally built on private property.

ER patient found with $300 in medical supplies

06/26/2014 1:03pm
A 60-year-old man treated in the emergency room of Alaska's Fairbanks Memorial Hospital is suspected of trying to walk out with $300 worth of medical supplies, including bed sheets, 47 latex gloves and a bloody syringe.

New Zealand schoolboy wins right to keep hair long

06/26/2014 9:51pm
A judge ruled Friday that a New Zealand schoolboy need not cut his hair before returning to class and that his Catholic high school had been wrong to suspend him for having long locks.