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Maryland teens win marbles championship

06/20/2014 7:30am
Two teenagers from Maryland have taken all the marbles.

2 not guilty pleas in Washington fake kidnapping

06/20/2014 10:21am
Two people accused in a fake kidnapping that alarmed people at a Sequim (skwim) park pleaded not guilty Thursday to disorderly conduct charges.

Arrestee's 'handsome' mug shot goes viral

06/20/2014 12:16pm
A handsome mug shot of a Northern California man arrested on felony weapons charges has gone viral on social media, attracting more than 64,000 "likes" and drawing comments praising his high cheek bones, chiseled face and striking blue eyes.

Rare foul flower spreads stench in Orange County

06/20/2014 1:21pm
The stench of blue cheese and dead bodies at a Southern California college is not repelling visitors but drawing them in.

Tony the Tiger stays put at Louisiana truck stop

06/20/2014 2:00pm
Louisiana's governor has signed a law that the owners of a truck stop where Tony the Tiger lives think is grrrrrrr-eat!

Hot air balloon lands at Oregon women's prison

06/20/2014 8:00pm
Inmates were sent indoors when a hot air balloon landed in the parking lot of an Oregon women's prison, but it wasn't an escape attempt.

AP PHOTOS: There's a new 'World's Ugliest Dog'

06/20/2014 11:20pm
It's that time of year again when dogs with unusually large heads, hairless bodies and other oddities compete to be the World's Ugliest Dog.