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Ohio teen scoops 3-foot carp from flooded street

05/15/2014 12:22am
A northern Ohio teenager is reeling in attention for a big catch after he spotted a 3-foot carp swimming in receding floodwaters on his street and scooped it into his arms as his mother caught the scene on video.

UK tower accused of melting car to get sunshade

05/15/2014 9:41am
A London skyscraper that drew ire for having a glare so strong it melted nearby cars and shops will get a permanent fix.

Deputies: Arizona man used starving dog as bait

05/15/2014 3:31pm
A Phoenix man starved his dog to death and sent a graphic image of the emaciated canine to an ex-girlfriend to try to win her back, authorities said Thursday.

Roommates buy lumpy used couch, find $40K in cash

05/15/2014 8:31pm
For all the screaming and carrying on, their neighbors thought they'd won the lottery. But it was a lumpy old sofa stuffed with $40,000 in cash that had three young roommates raising a ruckus.

8-year-old girl takes the wheel in emergency

05/15/2014 9:29pm
An 8-year-old Kansas girl heroically grabbed the steering wheel and drove the family's SUV when her mother fell unconscious on their highway ride to school.