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Students hold festive protest of canceled vacation

03/20/2014 4:01am
When Northampton Community College canceled spring break to make up for excessive snow days, students decided to protest — by wearing flip-flops, bathing suits and tank tops to class. Not to mention plastic leis.

Swiss Emmentaler named world's best cheese

03/20/2014 9:51am
A Swiss Emmentaler has been named the top cheese at an international competition in Wisconsin, handing the nation its fourth win in the past five years.

Hawaii board sends nomination note to wrong person

03/20/2014 2:51pm
A Hawaii agency says it told the wrong man he was nominated to the board of the Hawaiian Homes Commission, which manages land set aside for Native Hawaiians.

NC police seek man who sucked toes at Wal-Mart

03/20/2014 5:11pm
Police say a man in North Carolina sucked a woman's toes at a Wal-Mart after he convinced her he was a podiatry student and persuaded her to take off her shoes.

Landfill search for 'E.T.' video game is halted

03/20/2014 7:31pm
New Mexico environmental regulators are blocking two companies from digging up an Alamogordo landfill in search of a rumored cache of what some consider the worst Atari video game of all time.

Event challenges eaters with 20-foot bratwursts

03/20/2014 10:51pm
A fundraising event for children's art in Michigan has pitted participants with big appetites against 20-foot-long bratwursts that weigh close to 6 pounds.