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PETA member wants roadside memorial for chickens

02/06/2014 8:33am
An animal rights advocate wants to place a roadside memorial in Georgia to remember several chickens killed in a highway wreck.

Dispute splits band of real-life Mich. superheroes

02/06/2014 11:33am
A dispute between two men over leadership of a costumed band of self-professed real-life Michigan superheroes has escalated into a battle of insults.

Engineers stumble upon 18-foot, 150-pound python

02/06/2014 12:08pm
A 150-pound, 18-foot-long Burmese python was discovered by engineers on a routine inspection Tuesday.

Hawaii student finds snail in school lunch

02/06/2014 4:10pm
Officials at a high school on Hawaii's Big Island say they're increasing the level of food inspection at its cafeteria after a student found a snail in his lunch.