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Runner in KC Marathon sets knitting record

10/22/2013 4:51am
A University of Central Missouri graphic design professor has knitted his way into the record books while running the Kansas City Marathon.

Groom who halted own wedding with bomb hoax jailed

10/22/2013 10:00am
A forgetful British bridegroom who made a hoax bomb threat rather than admit he'd neglected to book the venue for his wedding was sentenced Tuesday to a year in jail.

Hawaii surfer throws punches to escape shark

10/22/2013 12:39pm
A 25-year-old Hawaii surfer and former boxer went toe-to-fin with a shark off Kauai and survived.

Artist's 'Wish' is 11-acre portrait of a child

10/22/2013 3:03pm
An 11-acre portrait of a girl created for a festival in the UK can only be fully appreciated from the air.

Iraq vet's family wants 'SpongeBob' gravestone back

10/22/2013 4:09pm
The family of a slain Iraqi war veteran wants her towering SpongeBob SquarePants headstone returned to her final resting place while the cemetery officials that removed it say that's the only thing they won't do, leaving both sides at an apparent impasse that may have to be decided in court.