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Injured kangaroo hops into Australian airport

10/16/2013 5:41am
An injured kangaroo hopped into an airport in Australia's second-largest city on Wednesday, perplexing passengers as it made its way into a terminal shop.

Evidence suggests early Britons ate roasted toads

10/16/2013 12:00pm
Britons sometimes make fun of the French for feasting on frog. But now a new discovery suggests their prehistoric ancestors may have had a taste for toad.

2 county employees reprimanded over 'ghost camera'

10/16/2013 12:29pm
Two county employees in Montana have been reprimanded after a motion-activated camera was installed in a little-used room in the health department in the hopes of capturing paranormal activity.

The evolution of the jack-o'-lantern

10/16/2013 7:55pm
There's probably a pumpkin sitting on your porch right now, waiting to be carved into a Halloween creation. But how did this tradition start and how has it changed over the years? It all begins with a guy named Stingy Jack and a drink with the devil.