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Mass. school district closed due to slick floors

09/12/2013 7:27am
A Massachusetts school district has canceled classes for the day because floors are too slippery.

Some Pittsburghers cited for parking in driveways

09/12/2013 10:04am
Some Pittsburghers are being ticketed or warned not to park in their own driveways under an obscure ordinance that requires them to pay $225 for a permit if they wish to park within 30 feet of a street.

Van carrying clowns crashes in Pa., 1 clown hurt

09/12/2013 2:06pm
Good thing they weren't crammed in a clown car.

Bowls let you eat nachos from LaVell Edwards Stadium

09/12/2013 5:33pm
Created by Lindon residents Matthew Lee and Adam Keys, the Stadium Bowl resembling the LaVell Edwards Stadium made its debut at Brigham Young University during last week's game.

Mass. Senate president issues warning about mice

09/12/2013 5:41pm
Massachusetts senators are being urged to end their practice of keeping candy in their desks after mice searching for the treats also chewed the senators' microphone wires.

Hawaii to let nature clean harbor molasses spill

09/12/2013 7:09pm
Officials responding to a spill of 1,400 tons of molasses in Hawaii waters plan to let nature clean things up, with boat crews collecting thousands of dead fish to determine the extent of environmental damage.