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Girl finds stolen cremation ashes in Pa. park

09/10/2013 8:23am
A girl has found cremation ashes that had been stolen from a van belonging to the dead man's son.

Wash. firefighters rescue man stuck in chimney

09/10/2013 10:03am
Firefighters chiseled a hole through bricks early Tuesday to rescue a man who had gotten himself stuck inside a 20-inch wide chimney space at a Washington home that had been converted to apartments.

Art heist trial held up over lawyer's sneakers

09/10/2013 10:12am
Don't mess with my blue shoes, a lawyer told a court in Romania.

Man in Colo. accused of drunken horseback ride

09/10/2013 3:30pm
University of Colorado police have arrested a 45-year-old man suspected of going on a drunken horseback ride through the city of Boulder.