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Tennessee grandmother's secret treasure discovered in hidden safe

05/02/2013 11:06am
Old homes are full of many things: Memories, mementos, forgotten items and treasures of a family's history together. For one Tennessee family preparing to sell an old farm house, it turned out to have a hidden safe full of actual treasure.

Humor website steps in to save NH 'banana man' who lost life savings

05/02/2013 4:04pm
When you lose your life savings to the abyss of notoriously difficult carnival games, never fear — the folks at are there to buy the dreadlocked banana that's all you have left to show for yourself.

Love at first sight? More men than women say it's possible

05/02/2013 8:43pm
Turns out men may be more romantic than women, at least when it comes to love at first sight. That may contribute to their increased propensity to stray compared to their female counterparts.