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Ask a cop: Are we winning the war on drugs?

04/22/2013 11:56am
Have you ever wanted to ask a cop a question but were either too afraid or had warrants? Well now is your chance through the safety of the Internet. Ask away and I will try to answer. Today I talk about the war on drugs.

Couple find lost promise ring after 45 years, get remarried

04/22/2013 3:36pm
A Michigan couple said they have gone "full circle" after getting remarried and finding a lost promise ring that had been missing for almost 45 years.

Man runs out of gas during high-speed police chase, arrested

04/22/2013 7:06pm
Police caught a rare break during a high speed police chase when a suspected criminal ran out of gasoline on Legacy Highway and slowly rolled into an arrest.

Rare poem of Winston Churchill fails to sell at auction

04/22/2013 10:01pm
Despite Winston Churchill winning a Nobel Prize in Literature, his only known poem failed to sell at an auction in London.