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$15 mistake may cost anglers $1 million

01/31/2013 9:23am
A battle is playing out in North Carolina courts that could net $1 million for a crew of fishermen. Here's the strange story of a monster marlin, a $15 mistake, and the huge prize money that is still up for grabs.

23-year-old game of tag still going strong

01/31/2013 11:58am
It's a game for the ages. Ten people, thousands of miles and hundreds of paranoid thoughts about a single phrase: "Tag, you're it!"

5 more real places that look like they're from a movie

01/31/2013 8:39pm
Last week we took you to five ethereal yet very real places that look like they're straight out of a movie. Readers couldn't get enough, so we're giving you five more out-of-this-world locations that actually are found on this planet.

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