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Unlocking the strange secrets of Arizona’s 'Mystery Castle'

01/24/2013 9:58am
On the outskirts of Phoenix is a bizarre castle with a history of secrets and heartache. Here is the strange, yet true, story of one of the most unique places in the West.

Couple refurbishes floor with thousands of pennies

01/24/2013 10:13am
Can't find a place for all those pennies that have been piling up in a change jar? One Chicago couple used their pennies to refurbish their bedroom floor.

Man tries to rob Papa John's, gets pizza instead

01/24/2013 11:58am
Helena police are looking for a man who attempted to rob a Papa John's and began crying before accepting the cashier's offer to take a pizza and wings instead of the cash he originally demanded.

Building lights designed to inspire folks to head outdoors

01/24/2013 1:52pm
The Northern Lights aren't something you'd expect to see in Salt Lake City. But an Oregon-based outdoors company is making it possible.