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Honor Flight radio interviews

08/01/2014 4:15am
Honor Flight participants join KSL Newsradio to talk about their experiences

Improperly restrained children injured in hit-and-run crash

08/01/2014 6:56am
Two children who were not properly restrained in the backseat of a car were injured in a hit-and-run crash.

Bill Clinton "could have killed" bin Laden

08/01/2014 8:01am
Newly-released audio recorded ten hours before the first plane struck the World Trade Center shows President Clinton knew where Osama bin Laden was, but opted not to target him because of the fear of killing civilians.

Olympic arch leaving Rice-Eccles Stadium

08/01/2014 7:09pm
A prominent symbol of the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics is moving but doesn't appear to have a new home yet.

Police: Son beat 70-year-old father to death in 'brutal attack'

08/01/2014 8:17pm
Police say they believe a 70-year-old man killed in a "brutal attack" Friday morning died at the hands of his son.