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Which spouse best handles family debt?

10/07/2013 7:34am
When it comes to handling family debt, who is better at it, the husband or the wife? Financial counselors say the two sexes go about handling money in completely different ways.

Church learns how to best help Utah's women refugees

10/07/2013 10:20am
Every year, Utah receives roughly 1,200 refugees, many of them women, who now are navigating a new world of survival after being forced to flee their homeland.

Utah military employees back to work despite lingering government shutdown

10/07/2013 9:17pm
Nearly 4,000 Hill Air Force Base and Utah National Guard workers were back on the job Monday, though the government shutdown continues to keep many federal workers at home.

9 Utah counties declare state of emergency due to gov't shutdown

10/07/2013 9:55pm
As the government shutdown keeps a closed sign on national parks across the country, hindering local tourism, nine Utah counties have declared a state of emergency due to "economic disruption."