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Foot chase over fences, roof ends with arrest

07/30/2013 7:27am
South Salt Lake Police are looking for a driver who fled during a traffic stop Tuesday morning. A passenger is recovering from injuries after leading officers on a foot chase.

Man with disabilities sues former UHP trooper

07/30/2013 8:49am
Former UHP trooper Lisa Steed faces another lawsuit. A man who suffers from seizures and cerebral palsy claims he was unlawfully searched and detained, and he wasn't even driving a car.

6th person arrested in gang-related homicide case

07/30/2013 7:29pm
Six people have been arrested in connection with a weekend gang- related homicide.

App helps parents, kids choose healthier school lunches

07/30/2013 8:49pm
Getting kids to make healthy food choices can be tricky, and a new app promises to help with that.

Alleged sex offender released on bail, arrested 4 days later

07/30/2013 10:39pm
An 18-year-old man charged with sexually abusing a child was arrested again for a similar offense just four days after making bail for a similar offense.

Police recover $200K of tequila stolen from semi-trailer

07/30/2013 10:47pm
Police recovered more than 1,200 cases of stolen alcohol in Woods Cross worth an estimated $200,000.