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Simple equation calculates financial health

05/01/2013 8:06am
An equation taking into consideration income and savings can reflect how financially healthy a person is. The equation calculates a person's "gap," which is essentially the percentage of income put into savings.

Woman attacked ex-partner's grandmother over custody dispute, police say

05/01/2013 5:03pm
A Murray woman was arrested after she assaulted an 86-year-old woman in an act of vengeance, police said.

Pipeline that leaked into Willard Bay fails test; more to come

05/01/2013 5:09pm
Chevron's oil pipeline near Willard Bay's north marina failed a pressure test Monday, pushing back the opening of the marina further.

Gov says trade trip to Israel will be 'significant benefit' to Utah

05/01/2013 10:09pm
Gov. Gary Herbert says his weeklong trade mission to Israel to promote Utah as a business and tourism destination exceeded his expectations.

Graffiti cleanup costs taxpayers $400K a year

05/01/2013 11:59pm
In the last 10 years, cases of illegal graffiti have more than tripled in the downtown area. Now, Salt Lake police are asking the public to speak up if they see tagging activity.