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Utahns seek comfort, hope in time of national tragedy

04/26/2013 7:09am
Some churches have seen increased attendance since the Boston bombings. Others have noticed a change in message of the sermons or prayers, as people seek comfort and hope.

Man arrested after texting wrong number for marijuana

04/26/2013 7:58am
A Logan man received a text from a stranger asking if he knew anyone with marijuana. Police asked the man to play along and set up a meeting with the mysterious texter, and he was busted.

Rider killed when motorcycle crashes into river

04/26/2013 9:18am
A Payson teenager died after losing control while riding a motorcycle in Payson Canyon.

Trying to help family in need, man falls victim to extortionists

04/26/2013 6:56pm
A man says he was trying to help a family in need when he ended up getting caught in a trap by extortionists.