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Payroll tax cut expiration means smaller checks, creative budgeting

02/22/2013 8:03am
After the payroll tax cut expired at the end of 2012, many financial counselors expect people will see smaller paychecks. However, there are ways people can find the budget that works for them to help them make up the difference

Does Utah have a double standard for violent and sexual content?

02/22/2013 8:30am
Is there a double standard in Utah when it comes to viewing explicit violent and sexual content? Experts say there is, though the state does not differ from any other with a strong right or left political leaning.

Lawmakers approve 80 mph speed on 3 stretches of highway, freeways

02/22/2013 2:46pm
Drivers on three more stretches of Utah highway will be able to put the pedal to the metal, at least up to 80 mph, without fear of a speeding ticket.

Moonshine bust 'not a common thing,' say Sandy police

02/22/2013 4:00pm
Police say they haven't heard of anything like this in Utah since the days of Prohibition.

Snow causes 110 accidents, slide-offs in Salt Lake County

02/22/2013 5:03pm
Another blast of winter made for a crash-filled morning commute Friday.

FBI, Davis County investigating Lt. Gov. Bell

02/22/2013 7:07pm
The FBI and the Davis County Attorney are investigating Lt. Gov. Greg Bell on allegations that, at the request of a personal acquaintance, he ordered an audit of an investigation involving child abuse.

Saturday storm may drop 2 feet of snow, increase snowpack

02/22/2013 7:24pm
The Friday snowstorm is expected to continue through Saturday morning, and meteorologists think the added snow could beat the record for the number of months Utah has snowpacked ground.

Billions of dollars in federal spending cuts could affect homeland security, education

02/22/2013 9:51pm
There are billions of dollars in federal spending cuts set to take effect March 1. If they go through, the cuts could affect Utah in a number of ways.