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Minecraft game used in schools to teach kids, adults to build

02/15/2013 8:24am
There's no story line to it and the graphics are not that great. Despite that, over 9.3 million people have bought the PC or Mac versions of the game Minecraft. Now, some schools are starting to use it in class.

Inability to cope with loss may lead to heart disease

02/15/2013 10:08am
The emotional trauma of losing a loved one can put stress on the heart and in rare cases cause a heart attack.

Police: Orem doctor, fiancee overdosed on anesthesia

02/15/2013 1:05pm
Police have determined that the deaths of embattled Orem plastic surgeon Joseph Berg and his fiancee in August were the result of accidental overdoses.

Provo man dies after being hit by vehicle, then FrontRunner

02/15/2013 6:38pm
A 69-year-old Provo man was killed after being hit by both a vehicle and a FrontRunner train Friday morning.

Moving family offers home to neighbors displaced by fire

02/15/2013 7:59pm
As families rally around the Roy family that lost their home in a devastating fire, their neighbors from across the street offered the displaced family something unique: their home.