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PTSD affects both veterans and their children

02/04/2013 8:21am
Recent reports show that efforts to help veterans in need of crisis intervention are working. But what kind of an effect can a veteran's physical or emotional disorders have on their children?

3rd grade increasingly important to students' success

02/04/2013 5:30pm
Educators are increasingly concerned about the third grade. Research shows if kids are not at grade level by then, the effects could ripple throughout the rest of their lives.

Pediatrician: Teen's death a reminder of why flu virus is dangerous

02/04/2013 6:12pm
Students at Timpview High School are learning a tough life lesson after their classmate died of complications related to a combination of influenza and a staphylococcus infection. Parker Allred's death also has doctors re-affirming the needs for families to take health precautions for their kids.

S.L. council: Boy Scouts should uphold no-gays policy

02/04/2013 6:16pm
The Great Salt Lake Council of the Boy Scouts of America is urging the national organization to uphold its policy of restricting membership to the organization based on sexual orientation.

Cox family working to honor grandsons' memory 1 year after murders

02/04/2013 10:35pm
Tuesday marks one year since Josh Powell took the lives of his sons, Charlie and Braden, and then his own life in a fire at a rented home near Puyallup, Wash. Family members plan to honor the boys by working to change laws and continuing the search for their mother.

Backcountry skier falls more than 100 feet off cliff

02/04/2013 10:54pm
Crews rescued a backcountry skier Monday after he fell off a 100-foot cliff. The 31-year-old man was hospitalized in critical condition, police said, but recovering well considering the height of the fall and the efforts it took to rescue him.