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Can guns be safely stored at home?

01/17/2013 7:45am
Nearly two years after a frightening ordeal, a mom of three is as motivated as ever to consider buying a handgun. But safety concerns keep her from buying.

Lawmakers to consider target shooting bill

01/17/2013 8:24am
Utah's Legislature will likely decide whether the state's executive branch should have the authority to ban gun use in some areas during periods of extreme fire danger.

Students taking ownership of anti-bullying program

01/17/2013 10:32am
Educators say they're seeing some promising results from an anti-bullying program at Sunset Ridge Middle School. They say the students have more ownership of it than the faculty does.

Getting kids to eat healthy begins with parents

01/17/2013 5:59pm
Many of us make New Year's resolutions to eat healthier foods, but getting everybody in the house to take part — especially kids — can pose a challenge. Utah dietitians say it takes hard work and dedication, mainly from the parents.

Man raises questions after carrying rifle into JC Penney

01/17/2013 11:59pm
Pictures of a man carrying a rifle inside a big box store in Riverdale are raising a lot of eyebrows. The woman who took them told KSL the man had no business bringing the gun where he did.