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Extreme cold hinders crews fighting house fires

01/14/2013 10:09am
Freezing temperatures made it difficult for crews who fought two different house fires Sunday night and Monday morning.

Parkers join other Sandy Hook families in call for remembrance

01/14/2013 6:09pm
Robbie and Alissa Parker, who lost their precious 6-year-old daughter Emilie, hold fast to faith, family and friends. Monday, they joined residents of Newtown, Conn., in calling on Americans to keep talking about how the Sandy Hook tragedy can force change.

Teen's statement puts West Jordan High in temporary lockdown

01/14/2013 6:15pm
West Jordan High School was temporarily placed on lockdown Monday because of concerns over a 17-year-old student who reportedly told a relative "he could relate" to the recent school shooting tragedies.

Liberal tax leaves bitter taste in some smoothie drinkers' mouths

01/14/2013 8:05pm
A Vernal smoothie shop is making waves in Vernal by charging those who identify themselves as liberals one dollar more for their drinks.

Nearly record-breaking cold covers most of Utah

01/14/2013 10:41pm
It's not just extremely cold out there it's bordering on historic. It's been years since Utah has seen some of these temperatures.