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Women still face salary gap, study shows

12/03/2012 7:30am
The salary gap between men and women is still very much a reality. How can women close that gap?

Group claims 'Dixie' name inappropriate for school

12/03/2012 8:17am
As Dixie State College works toward becoming a university, a minority group says the name Dixie has to go.

A coddled generation? Some educators see lack of 'soft skills'

12/03/2012 10:02am
Some colleges and companies are concerned that today's youth lacking soft skills - things like time management, grit, and compassion.

Cellphones eating bigger part of family budgets

12/03/2012 10:46am
Have you ever looked at how much your family's cellphones mean to your wallet? Many people spend more on their phone plan than on almost anything else.

Real Salt Lake makes significant roster changes for 2013

12/03/2012 9:33pm
Real Salt Lake is going through what team officials call the biggest shakeup the team has ever had. Three starters and five other players have been traded or let go.

Agents investigate suspicious package at SL airport

12/03/2012 11:03pm
What appeared to be a suspicious package at Salt Lake International Airport was cleared shortly after it was discovered Monday.

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