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3 teens rescued from cliff in Provo Canyon

10/09/2012 6:55am
Three teens are safe this morning after a long, cold night stuck on some cliffs in Provo Canyon.

Men more likely to click on ads, study shows

10/09/2012 8:35am
Although women make up a larger portion of Facebook users, men are more likely to click on the ads.

Millennials: the cheapest generation?

10/09/2012 9:42am
Thanks to economic hardships that have plagued the past few years, the Millennial Generation is quickly becoming the cheapest of the bunch. At least according to recent studies.

Coyote attacks Kennecott security guard

10/09/2012 5:13pm
Wildlife officials are perplexed about a coyote attack at the Kennecott Copper mines Monday night that left a security guard with bites on her arm.

Escaped tortoise impounded after stroll through neighborhood

10/09/2012 5:40pm
A nearly 130-pound North African Sulcata tortoise "made a run for it" on the streets of downtown Logan Monday. Along the way, he attracted a lot of attention — giving some animal control officers what may have been their most unusual call ever.

Woman chases down bike thief in bare feet

10/09/2012 6:30pm
A Provo woman wasn't willing to give up her bike without a fight, even if it meant running a few blocks without shoes.

Utah commander wanted more security before Libya attacks

10/09/2012 6:36pm
A Utah National Guardsman who headed an elite security force in Libya will tell a congressional committee Wednesday that his requests for more resources prior to the killing of a U.S. ambassador last month went unheeded.

Romney's family open new campaign to 'Let Mitt Be Mitt'

10/09/2012 8:17pm
There's a new approach for the Romney 2012 presidential campaign. "Let Mitt Be Mitt." It appears to have greatly helped him in last week's key debate.