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2 more suspects arrested in Midvale murder

12/05/2012 7:50am
Police have arrested a second woman who had been sought in the shooting of Justen Lefave, as well as the man they say drove her to the apartment where Lefave was staying.

Gephardt Gets It: What does the fiscal cliff mean?

12/05/2012 8:14am
The so-called "fiscal cliff" has been making news since the end of November's election. So what is it, and what does it mean for your family?

ZooLights! KSL viewer appreciation day

12/05/2012 11:15am
Wednesday is KSL viewer appreciation day at Utah's Hogle Zoo for their ZooLights! display.

Doctors pleased with Berger's progress; still no word on cause of collapse

12/05/2012 10:54pm
A day after collapsing on a basketball court during practice, Utah State University athlete Danny Berger appears to be improving. Still, he is listed in critical condition as doctors try to determine what caused his collapse.